April 3 , 2003-   El Tafkeera is now only available via download from this site or (for an undetermined, limited amount of time) for purchase from here.


January 30, 2003-   NOTICE: As of February 1, 2003 the total cost for 'El Tafkeera' 2xCD is USD $10 (includes shipping), regardless of your location. The CDs will be orderable through March 31, 2003, at which point they will only be available via download.


November 15, 2002 -   El Tafkeera is complete !   Many thanks to the contributors and supporters!
All music and artwork
is now available for free download from the main page.


In April 2001, a project was born on Islamaphonia, the now defunct email list devoted to discussion of Muslimgauze, his music, his politics, etc. This project was to be a free CD-R/mp3 download of re-mixs contributed by listmembers, and dedicated to Bryn Jones, a.k.a. Muslimgauze. The project was dubbed "Hazbara", Hebrew for "propaganda".

For unknown reasons the Islamaphonia list disappeared, but then resurfaced in September 2001 as "
Islamaphonia2" on Yahoo!. During this time, the Hazbara project appeared to have stalled despite continued contributions from ex-Islamaphonia listmembers.

However, in April 2002--a year after the birth of the project--efforts to revive it began in earnest. A new deadline was selected, contributors were identified, and the project name was challenged due to its Hebrew derivation and potentially loaded intent. It was decided that the focus of the tribute should be on Bryn's enormous musical contribution, and thus a more suitable name was sought. The names being considered were "El Tafkeera" and "Zikra", both meaning "remembrance".

The August 2002 deadline to submit material has now passed.

Artwork for the release is being finalized, as is the official title.

2xCD-R (!!!) will include re-mixd material by:

Bombhead, Do Shaska!, durtro, ENE, eorb, Fibrillation, ga-ne-tli-yv-s-di, Gydja, Liquid Sphere, The Muse Of Karm Shenon, c.reider, rENeggaeD square_wave, PBK, Palsecam, Perikomo, Paul Savage-Wroth, Temp Sound Solutions, and Tietzel.

Stay tuned here for more information. As it turns out, there is more material than will fit on two CD-Rs, but
all material submitted will be available for download here once the 2xCD-R has been released.


Following are instructions for joining the Hazbara discussion list. This information was originally posted on the Hazbara website by Ares Solis:

Greetings Islamaphones,

We now have a new discussion list!! The Hazbara list will be the forum to discuss all aspects of this project. Join this list if you're interested in creating music, artwork, or just want to be involved.

This list is available in standard and digest mode. To join the fast-paced and likely high traffic list, click on the link below and mail to the address listed with the subject line of "subscribe" the body not not have anything in it.


If you wish to subscribe to the digest mode instead, send to the following address:

  After you've received your subscription confirmation, Please introduce yourself and let us know how you would like to contribute. When sending mail to the list itself, use the following address


Note: At the moment I'm still working out a method of automatic archiving so if you need old messages, keep 'em in a folder!

Two Basic Rules:

1. Please don't cross post to the Islamphonia list. Part of the reason for a second list is to spare the main list from the project discussion. We'll eventually bring it all back there when this is all done.

2. Do NOT email attachments to the list. We can facilitate file transfers in much more efficient ways.



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