El Tafkeera: Remembrance.

On January 14, 1999, Bryn Jones died. He was 38.

He left behind an immense and diverse discography of recordings. His passion for creating music was amazing, difficult for most of us to even comprehend.

For more information about Muslimgauze, go to:

This tribute in memory of Muslimgauze was carried out by members of the Hazbara mailing list.

Compiled and mastered by c. reider at Vuzh Studio, Summer 2002.

Website created and hosted by Ty Hodson.

Special thanks to Ares Solis, who curated the project in its early stages, and a big thank-you to all artists who contributed re-mixs.

Back cover photograph of Bryn Jones; © Christian Pallin, 1998.

These musical recordings were produced in a totally voluntary, profit-free way. All of the tracks and the artwork may be downloaded for free from this website. We feel it would be unethical to attempt to re-sell this recording for profit. If you find this recording for sale anywhere but here, steal it!

El Tafkeera is now only available via download from this site or (for an undetermined, limited amount of time) for purchase from here.


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Disc 2

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Extra tracks

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